Ziarat Kakasahib (RA) – The Land of the people of “The Yellow Flower”

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Ziarat Kakasahib – A peaceful, beautiful, loving and holy place to live or to visit. It is named after a very pious saint of the muslim history, Sheikh Rehamkaar kakasahib.

Kakasahib(Rehmatullah Alaih) is known by many different and beautiful names :

  • Kastheer Gul
  • Sheikh Rehamkaar
  • Ziarhee kaka and of course
  • Kakasahib
We will be using the word “kakasahib” throughout this post.
Kastheer was the real name of kaka sahib(RA). Kastheer means “A yellow Flower” and the “GUL” was added by the local residents or the people with whom kakasahib (RA) interacted because of his lovely and kind nature towards them.

And as far as I know about relations, the people who you love the most, you call them with different names to express your love and affection towards them. Like, for example, “You are my friend, brother” etc. Same was the case with the people of Ziarat Kakasahib.  Due the kindness and generosity of kakasahib, people also called him Rehamkaar or Sheikh Rehamkaar which means “The one who does the acts of kindness”.

The third name or alias, Ziarhee kaka, was given to him due to his pale and yellowish physical complexion. Ziarhee, here, means the yellowness of something.

Kastheer – (The yellow flower) and Ziarhee kaka. SubhanAllah!

“Kakasahib” is the mostly used name of Kakasahib. We, being pukhtoons, call our elders by the name “Kaka”, to show respect . Here, the word Kaka means the one who is elder. And “sahib” was added by the people which means “The honourable”. The name “Kakasahib” got so popular that his successors are now called  KAKAKHELS“.

You may want to take a look at the pictures of “Ziarat kakasahib” and its neighbour areas.

A beautiful view of the entrance area of Ziarat kakasahib

A newly started plotting scheme, Paradise City, Perfect for a standard living style

The new and beautiful road to Ziarat Kakasahib

A shot of the mini-trees taken beautifully by Farhan Kakakhel

A combination of trees, mountains and the locally famous and specific stones :) Love ’em!

Why To Visit Ziarat Kakasahib

  1. It has now become a tourism place equipped with all the basic facilities of life.
  2. The road joining it from the main city of “Nowshera” is a highway and it is at a distance of 10 km from the city.
  3. Midway stops.
  4. Amazingly tasteful oranges, a speciality of the area.
  5. Beautiful and peaceful area and people.
  6. Hotels serving foods like “Chapli Kababs” (my all time favourite), Biryani, Chicken karahi and many more.
  7. The most extravagant and non-forgettable, MELA, A fun park for tourists and local people.
  8. And yeah, the ziarat itself. You’ll find it very peaceful and amazing.
Being a tourist, you should visit it once in your life.

View the complete gallery here :

These pictures are provided to us by a resident of ziarat kakasahib and our beloved friend, Mian Farhan Kakakhel.

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