Sraiki Culture of Pakistan


Saraiki culture is the culture of the Saraiki speaking people, called as Saraiki people, residing in Pakistan and outside Pakistan. The region where Saraiki is spoken in Pakistan is part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and has been centre of culture and trade in Indian subcontinent. It has been centre of Sufism after 712 C.E. The region and its people are referred as Wasaib or politically as Saraikistan according to wikipedia.The roots of this culture and civilization are related to Indus Valley Civilization.
Multan is the central part of Sraikistan and considered as one of the most ancient cities of the world.Almost 99% population in Saraikistan region is Muslim. Islam came to this region with the Arab conquest of Sindh in eighth century. Majority of Muslims are Sunnis while Shia population is also in considerable size. The region is home to many Sufism.

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