Muree-The Snowy Winters (Punjab Pakistan)


Murree is known as popular hill station and summer resort and for its scenic beauty. Mountains overhung with pines and oaks, bubbling with gurgling springs, crisscrossed by rivulets, dotted with sprawling lawns and orchards overloaded with fruits present a nice spectacle. Its cool weather attracts tourists from all over the world for pakistan travel. Muree has cold, snowy winters, relatively cool summer with drastically escalated rain, in relation with lower altitudes, and frequent fog. The handmade hats and clothes depicts pakistani culture and one can get a lot of pakistan information discovering these amazingly beautiful artifacts. A fine view of the snowy peaks of Kashmir is to be had on a clear day, and the crest of Nanga Parbat can sometimes be seen. Muree is a subdivision of Rawalpindi District and is often referred to as the “Queen of Hills.

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    Muree malka-e-kohsaar the great :) pakistan is so beautiful. Love it

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